COR Kids

We come alongside families to teach, to nurture, and to raise up our children to learn what it means to be disciples of Jesus.

At Christ Our Redeemer, we believe that our children are a vital part of our congregation. They, like everyone else, need belonging and nurture in the community. We encourage our children to stay for our worship services as much as possible. We’re launching our COR Kids Ministry on July 9. Until then, we would love to get to know and welcome children to participate in our worship services.

For our First Sundays, our children join us for the entirety of the worship service.

On the other Sundays, our children stay with their parents for our worship portion leading to the sermon. During the sermon, we provide a lesson that’s tailored toward our children. Our COR Kids classes are available for children 3+ for a time of engaged learning through lessons and crafts. We are currently using The Gospel Project by Lifeway for our curriculum. While it’s provided, our COR Kids classes are optional, as you’re more than welcome to have your children with you during the sermon. For the safety and security of your children, background checks are conducted on all staff and volunteers.

Prior to our sermon, we take a couple minutes to dismiss our children and lead them to their classroom. There, they will check in with one of our teachers and/or teaching assistants. After the sermon, our children are brought back to their parents to join us for the Lord’s Supper and to the conclusion of our worship service.

For any other questions, please email us here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.