Community Groups

at Christ Our Redeemer

The Dance of Gospel Community

01 Design

From the very beginning of the Bible, we were created for belonging amongst others. Theologians over the years have come to describe the perfect community of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as a Triune Dance. And as carefully described in the story of creation, as those created in God’s image, we are invited into this dance. However, this perfect dance of love and fellowship is disrupted with the intrusion of sin and man’s rebellion against God. And as those cast out of the Garden, it took one leaving this perfect community on mission to search for those lost and otherwise hopeless to grant us re-entrance into this community and fellowship. It’s in this grace that Gospel communities are formed and grown.

02 Purpose

It’s through the common bond formed in the grace of God and when gazing upon Jesus together that true Gospel bonds are forged. For we were all, once again, created for community. And our longing is to be gathered in such a manner where presence with one another is not threatening but safe. Though done with imperfect strokes, our desire is to cultivate a community that sees the invisible, heals the wounded, and invites the skeptical — all while aimed at the unity found when together looking into the Story of the one who befriended us first. That we might find belonging not just because we find other friends in this gathering but because we find Jesus among us and with us, gathering a diversity of people around His table.

03 Transformation

At Christ Our Redeemer, it’s our conviction and desire for our Community Groups ministry to be a driving force that catalyzes intentional and deeper community. It’s our conviction that the people of Christ Our Redeemer will flourish not when merely attending worship services weekly but when involved in the regularity of gathering together in smaller groups. Our goal is to see growth as groups dive into the Scriptures together, understand the Gospel on a deeper level, and do life together where members are known in their identities as daughters and sons of the King. We trust that this Spirit-led work will ignite a movement of the Gospel that affects us personally and corporately toward lasting transformation.

Community Groups FAQ’s

What are Community Groups?
Community Groups are midweek gatherings geared to smaller groups, in order to facilitate deeper community, intentional conversations, and growth in God’s Word. 
Do I have to be a Christian to join a group?
No, you don’t have to be a Christian to be a part of a Community Group. Our goal is to provide a safe environment where people (Christians and non-Christians alike) can get deeper exposure to learning about Jesus and His Story. 
What happens at Community Groups?
While each group has its own rhythms and patterns, these are regular meetings where members of a Community Group gather to grow in study of God’s Word, prayer, and deeper conversations. Some groups offer food, others don’t — our aim is not to fill out schedules in the week but to intentionally create space to have meaningful conversations toward Gospel transformation. 
When do groups meet?
Depending on the group, groups will either meet weekly or bi-weekly. We have two semesters for our Community Groups during the year that run from February to May and from September to December. In between these months, we take a break for holidays and for fun-filled Affinity Groups during the summer. 
Are children welcome in Community Groups?
All are welcome in Community Groups! Depending on the group, something different will be provided for children. Reach out to the leaders of the groups to see what may best match for the needs of your family. 
How can I join a Community Group?
Click on the link below, or reach out to us for specific questions/needs here
For any additional questions about Community Groups, please reach out to Jon at