at Christ Our Redeemer

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel.

We believe that we give in accordance to how we’ve received. As followers of Jesus Christ, our giving comes as a response to the Gospel of Great Exchange, where the King of all riches gave Himself up and became poor in order that we might have the abundance of His promise of salvation (2 Cor 8:9). For God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:7), as those who give from the abundance of our hearts. And thus, we ask that you give, not from a moralistic bind but through the power of grace that’s set you free to give with gladness.

Thank you for your open-handed generosity and partnership in the Gospel ministry.

Here are ways you can give.

01 In Person

We don’t have a designated time in our liturgy to give our tithes and offering, but we provide a tithing box in the back of our worship hall. Please give your gift there at any point in your time with us, if you prefer to give your tithes and gifts in person.

02 By Mail

If you’d like to give through mail, please send your gift by addressing it to:

Christ Our Redeemer PCA
1308 Calle Aurora
Camarillo, CA 93010

03 Online

If you prefer to give online, we use Subsplash as our online giving platform, as you can access below. You can create an account with them and set the amount and frequency (one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) of your giving. 

04 Other

If you are interested in tax-efficient giving strategies or donating non-cash assets, we recommended speaking with a representative from the PCA Foundation.

Visit online at

How We Give

From “Giving I” and “Giving II”
in Douglas McKelvey’s Every Moment Holy, Vol. 1

Bless now, O Lord, this gift and its benefits, that it might be received as evidence of Your mercies, and multiplied effectiveness for Your Kingdom. Through this and other acts of giving, train my heart toward a greater generosity, that the habits of my stewardship might be ever more pleasing to you, and ever more expressive of Your own holy heart and passions.

All that I have is Yours, Lord Christ.
All that I have is You.

Use then this small gift for the works of love and mercy, and unto the increase of Your glory,

to give food to the hungry,
water to the thirsty,
shelter to the homeless,
relief to the refugee,
aid to the orphan,
freedom to the captive,
justice to the oppressed,
mercy to the broken,
good news to the poor,
healing to the sick,
comfort to the distressed,
consolation to the lonely,
sight to the blind,
hope to the hopeless,
peace to the war-weary,
reconciliation to those in conflict,
and the liberating Story of Your love to those who hunger for it.

Ah Lord, let that best love which shapes my life be evident in this and in all my small acts of giving.