The Gospel Changes Everything

We are a community committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ that offers forgiveness to sinners, healing to the wounded, direction to the wayward and scattered, and rest for wearied travelers. Here, we come to be joined together into our belonging in the larger Story of God that tells us of grace that is deeper, love that is stronger, and news that is better.

We gather
every Sunday

at 10:00am

New to Christ Our Redeemer?

It’s been a long week.

Sundays provide life-giving rhythms to recalibrate our souls.

We gather as imperfect people.

We’re real people who make mistakes, who have kids who can be a bit too loud, who have stories we prefer to keep enclosed, and who ultimately long for rest. Our community here at Christ Our Redeemer walks together in these lived out realities, and we’ll walk with you too.

Your kids belong.

Your kids are not too loud, they are not a distraction. Their presence, voices, and needs are important and valued here in our community. 

It’s okay to have doubts.

Let’s examine questions and doubts together, bringing them to the declarations found in God’s Word.

We come together for meaningful worship.

We don’t do it perfectly, but it’s our aim to come together for meaningful and intentional worship to our God. Find beauty and meaning with us through the richness of what we sing, confess, and hear. Explore with us our deepest purpose and meaning found in the Gospel Story.

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