Sacred Spaces
by Sun Kwak on September 12th, 2023
But there’s this special exchanged that happens where much life is celebrated in sacred places that are truly lived in. And there’s something incredibly special about how this kind of sacrifice of home reflects the abode we find in Jesus who initiated the Great Exchange of the gospel with us. Where He took our sin, our stains, our messes left uncleaned and offers us in turn His presence, His transforming safety, and His welcome. These are sacred spaces, where such exchange occurs. Because the Christian life is intended to be lived out, with all of the messes, the stains, the ugliness that might spew out from endeavors to do life together.   Read More
Being a Story-Formed Community
by Sun Kwak on July 1st, 2023
So, we commit to walking together with Jesus as a Story-formed community. For He has not only written the pages, He’s written Himself into the plot. And thus, He’s paved the roads He’s called upon us to walk, the very grounds He Himself has traveled in deepest experience.   Read More
Launch Day
by Sun Kwak on May 30th, 2023
And as witnessed through our launch day service, this season is one we enter as the beneficiaries of our ministry partners, our brothers and sisters cheering us on from afar, and our God who collects each prayer into a permanent memory box. We as a church are so grateful, because these things don’t just happen.  Read More
A New Season
by Sun Kwak on May 15th, 2023
In this new season of new beginnings, we place our comfort not in what we are or what we seek to become but in our never-changing God and His promises that don’t shift or change, though we might and most certainly will.  Read More